Aureskosken Jalostetehdas Oy

Our company Aureskosken Jalostetehdas Oy is part of the larger Tammisto group .

We have various facilities located in mid Finland that have operated for some years using the high density slow grown timber which is certified as sustainable under the PEFC scheme.

The factory employees have considerable skills in producing quality wooden products which is a centuries old Finnish industry using plentiful natural resources.

The different mills have their own production functions including Planing,Finger Jointing,Cutting and Painting as well as Glueing and Drying. One mill has specialist a large specialist pressure impregnation plant meeting all EU legislation.

We also produce pellets from waste production for Biomass Heating.



On the place, where Aureskosken is now situated, there are long traditions in wood processing.

 In 1862 the company W.Rosenlew & Co rented the water rights of the Aureskoski district.The authorities gave the permission to use the water and build a power station in 1863.

In 1864 the first sawmill started the production. It was run by water power and based on the statistic in 1869 the production was 629 logs....