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AURE ASKEL 28×145 harjattu helmi, päätypontattu, sormijatkettu:

AURE ASKEL 28×145 harjattu beige, päätypontattu, sormijatkettu:

The 2020 Wood Prize will be awarded to the renovation and renovation of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

KIVIPUU, which is fire-tested, does not need to be reprocessed,such as a fire retardant painted equivalent.
The renovation of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The renovated Olympic Stadium is the arena of the Finnish wood industry, as new wood cladding was added to the stadium for about 27,000 square meters: 15,000 stone drilling areas under the canopy, for external walls 9000 and for interior upholstery 3000 square meters.
For example, wood coatings go to nearly 200 kilometers of boards and more than 450 miles of KIVIPUU bar.

Neste Easy Deli-Automatic Shop in Vantaa, by Tammiston Puu and Aureskoski

Future is here! Neste Automatic Shop in Vantaa Siltamäki. The pilot station’s architecture has sought to create a space that welcomes the customer. Wood and natural materials are preferred in the choice of materials. Aureskoski and Tammiston Puu implemented the pilot project as a collaboration. Designed by Oona Colliander, Sisse Collander and Jutta Menestrina.

Video link: Neste Easy Deli