AURE piiluhirsi smoked sauna & sauna bench brushed gray

AURE saunaproducts are designed for high quality saunas. With AURE saunaproducts you can make durable and pretentious sauna, just as you want.

In this sauna:

Walls AURE PIILUHIRSI 28×195 waxed,smoked sauna

Sauna bench AURE SAUNA PHL 28×145 waxed and brushed gray

Neste Easy Deli-Automatic Shop in Vantaa, by Tammiston Puu and Aureskoski

Future is here! Neste Automatic Shop in Vantaa Siltamäki. The pilot station’s architecture has sought to create a space that welcomes the customer. Wood and natural materials are preferred in the choice of materials. Aureskoski and Tammiston Puu implemented the pilot project as a collaboration. Designed by Oona Colliander, Sisse Collander and Jutta Menestrina.

Video link: Neste Easy Deli